Game Sword Art Online : Eternal World V.3.0.0

Update baru ni Game SAO... ^.^
kalo ada yang belum tau cara instalnya silahkan lihat di postingan sebelumnya ya..
List Update
Sword Art Online PC Game (Beta Tester)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V1.0.1)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V1.1.0 + Patch)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V1.2.0)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V1.2.1)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V2.0.0)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V2.0.1)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V2.0.2)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V2.1.0)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V2.1.1)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V2.2.0)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V2.2.1)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V2.3.1)
Sword Art Online PC Game (Update V3.0.0)  New
How to Intall
First Instal RTP 1 First Time only after you already have it you don't need This RTP things
Then Instal Like usually
What New ! (Update V1.2.0)
-More Bug Fixes
-Side Story at Floor 2
-Martial Arts Skill with its own skill set.
-New Monsters and Field Boss
-Monster/Boss Difficulty adjustment
-Weapon Values adjustment
-Weapon/Armor Text Size Change
What New ! (Update V1.2.1)
-Tolbana Quest 3 now have assist of me getting you through and start fighting.
-Some Item location is not changed
-Argo Quest scene will no longer loop
-Random leveling is fixed
-Change class will no longer heal you, less exp lost from class change
What New ! (Update V2.0.0)
V2.0.0 Changes
-few text fix from V1.2.1
-Item, weapon, armor, and ingredient value adjustment
-New City in floor 2 with my own special event.
-Floor 2 Dungeon with floor boss
-Few Arts/MP Arts effect and damage have been adjusted
-Early stage of synthesis, cooking, and blacksmith is now available in Urbus.
-Class change bug, unable to equip swords is fixed
-Shadows and abnormal graphic effect is fixed
-Urbus Quest House now have 2 mini-quest and 1 cross over
-New BGM, picture, and monsters.
-Kirito now have more accurate graphic.

What New ! (Update V2.0.1)
- bugs and Text fixes from V2.0.1
- Alchemy Quest

What New ! (Update V2.0.2)
- Bugs fixed from V2.0.1
- Large amount of text fixed
- Game freezing up when Argo being chased is fixed

What New ! (Update V2.1.0)
- Bugs and text fix from Alpha 2.0.2
- Rumarf Village done + Kill quest
- New Forest Map
- Forest Path Map
- Elesra Main City (unless it has a name)
- Auto-Save system every 120 Step or any upgrade/changes involves any item in inventory. (Have its own file)
- Change in player exp curve (larger) and increase in monsters exp from 2-10
- All monster attack will do at less 10 damage instead of 0 when hit
- New Monster, Item, and skills. also some adjustments from previous version
- Church now offering blessing with 300 Col Fee

What New ! (Update V2.1.1)

- text fix from Alpha 2.1.1
- Class change bug is fixed and now you will lose blessing as well as exp upon change.
- Skills and equip bug after changing class is fixed
- Kill quest bug is fixed
- Asuna Dual Attack skill bug is fixed and Dual Attack has been renamed to Dual Slash.
- NPC Shop unable to access in Elesra is fixed
- Linear skill animation has changed

What New ! (Update V2.2.0)
- text fix from Alpha 2.1.2
- System Interface change
- Volume control
- Battle Result Changed
- Elf War Quest Added
- Monkey Kill quest change to Getting back Banana from monkey
- Game Over scene is fixed
What New ! (Update V2.2.1)
- few text fix from Alpha 2.2.0
- Elf War Quest bug fixed
- Skill bugs Fixed
- Banana gathering quest bug fixed
- Elven Lake is now open

What New ! (Update V2.3.1)

- few fix from Alpha 2.3.0 / 2.2.0
- Christmas Search Event Fixed

What New ! (Update V3.0.0)
- few bug fix from Alpha 2.3.1
- Changes in Skill, Monster Exp/Col, and few Item price
- Misty Forest is now open with entry level requirement
- Floor 3 Boss and gate to floor 4 open but F4 have nothing
Downoad : Sao V3.0.0 
Password : royaliz

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  1. Nice gan...
    Lanjut ya Upnya..!!

  2. mantap udh d post...

    maju truz

    sekalian aq mau nanya sapa yg sdh dpt key event Christmas ?
    aq cuma nemu 1 d tolbana town d sumur di kiri atas kota...
    klu ad yg nemu 5 sisanya tolong d shere yah ^^

    n udh ad yg nemu'i greasy flower d lantai 1 ?

    tkx atas kerjasamanya ^^

  3. ini donlutnya harus urut dari yg beta tester dulu, apa bisa langsung donlut yg v3.0 ini gan ?

    1. Mau nanya, kan ane Download V2.1.0 nih .
      trus main udah Lantai 2.
      Nah, kmren saya Donwload V3.0 yang baru .
      Kok ga bisa Di load ya savean yang terakhir ?
      Apa iya harus mulai dari awal lagi atau ...?

    2. pake load yg autosave....

      aq juga pernah ngalami tuh masalah

      klu pake load autosave bisa kok ^^

    3. itu load autosave dr yg V2.10 apa V3.O
      soalnya yg di V3.0 cuma ada new game,load, sama end doang...
      yang load autosave belum nongol kalo belum main dr awal (V3.0)

  4. paswordnya kok gak bisa sih......????

  5. kok g bisa di dl sih

  6. Gan help!!!!!
    ampe lemes gw nyari christmas key baru nemu 4!
    d lntai 3 gk ktemu2!! klo ad yg aw bgi donk infonya!!

    1. kk nemunya dimn saja ???

      aq baru ketemu d lantai 1 doang tolong shere dg tempatnya ^^

      nanti aq cari juga d lantai tiga....

      udh d cari d hutan elf belum ^^

  7. all aq mau tanya dimn nya cari Boar Tusk selain
    dari boss : Golden Boar (n baru dapih boss gk spown lagi)
    baru dpat 1 nih boar tusknya

    aq butuh 6 biji tuh barang utk buat anneal blade EX

    mohon pencerahan. klu ad yg tahu tempat alternatif kasih shere dg ^^

    1. bunuh buffalo lantai 2 ma bunuh boss:wild boar lantai 1

  8. gan mau kasih laporan SAO nya udh update

    Game Sword Art Online : Alfheim Online RPG V.3.6.1

    tahu" udh d ALO

    bersumber :

    n pass downloadnya Ishimaru

    sekian laporannya ^^

  9. Gan ini gmn cara ambil quest lantai 1 ???

  10. ada yang tw cheatx gak om???
    masak kirito klw ma asuna!!! :(

  11. That was the very good game. I played this game.

  12. gan kalau langsung ke V.300 nya g usah ngurut bisa ga

  13. Gan kan saya download 3.0.0 nih sampe lantai 3 aja lantai 4 nya gk bisa di lanjutin, apa karna saya chit engien td ya, tolong dong kasih tau bagai mana cara nerusin floor 4 nya nin no gue 081251347176 di tunggu gan


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